What is Counter Strike & How to Play Counter Strike

Counter Strike is a First Person (Shooter Video Game ) . Counter Strike the Game which is Developed and Published by Valve Corpotation which is  orignated from Half-Life ... Counter Strike first Released For Windows in June-19-1999 And released  For Xbox360 in November-18-2003 . 

Counter Strike Gameplay :

In Counter Strike players have Join the Counter strike 1.6 servers Then Terrorist & Counter Terrorist Team Or become a Spectator . Counter Strike Each Team to complete their mission Objective Or eliminate the opposing Counter Strike Team ... a player can choose to play as one of the eight different default character models for each counter strike side . Counter Strike players are Generally given a few seconds before the counter strike game Round begins to prepare and buy the equipment , during this they can not attack or move ...

Counter Strike Servers :

In Counter Strike Servers you can Connect any Of Counter Strike Online Server and play on those Server with Friends , Collages & Cs Gamers ...

How To Download Cs :

To Download the Counter Strike New Version Just Click On Counter Strike Download Links Below & Download it for free . After that Install the Counter Strike And Go to New Game to play Offline Mod Or Click on SERVERS to Play with Cs Friends ...
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