Counter-Strike Xtreme V6 2014 Download Free

About The Game !

Thiz Version Of Counter-Strike Xtreme Surely came to shake as in the previous versions the game was very attractive because many Mods and Effects on many news and more ... Versions 6 follows the same line as the previous but with modifications ot the law there ... Its interface was modified inical my opinion is that the former was better if you speak the same story content changes , and the new skins will too We added several other weapons with a very cool visual since the guns until machines guns and not to mention the equipments . Where he's are a shaped pumpkin,Heart,Cookie,among others ... Already Rifles and two changes that i found the best one similates a jogging stroller with a monkey riding and other rifles is a guitar where your shots emits musical notes ... Summarizing ... It is worthwhile to download Counter-Strike Xtreme V6 ....

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